Build a modern user interface for your scientific software, backed by a powerful data management system.
Drop in your own models and libraries, and build a workflow that works for your research team in minutes, and export your results to a variety of open formats, or create an API to share your application with the world.
21st Century Software

Integrates effortlessly with any library

Use R, Python, Julia, Matlab, Java or any of a dozen languages. SCI+UI analyzes your code and gives you the input fields and outputs you expect in a clean UI.
Support open science
Your findings are only as good as your code. SCI+UI makes it easy to share your code and data with the world.
Stop wasting resources
You focus on the science, we make the rest. No more wasting time in Excel or Matlab. Your grad students will thank you.
Disseminate your research
Annotate your work with rich text, images, and videos. Share your research with the world, and get credit for it.
Performant by design
Written in React and Node, hosted on distributed servers around the world.
Total Control
Your projects are yours. You control who can see them, who can edit them, and who can contribute.
Transparent and Private
No 3rd party cookies, no selling your data. No ads, no tracking. Just you and your research.

Our Goal: Democratize Science

By utilizing web technologies and open information architectures, we aim to create an open and inclusive environment where researchers can freely publish their findings, ensuring that valuable research is accessible to the global scientific community and the public at large.
Our vision is an open ecosystem of tools that can be easily assembled and configured to accomplish data gathering, analysis, visualization and publication across scientific disciplines and research methodologies.

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